We Salute Filipino Artist.

The journey of Walls Gallery has been an adventure.  Starting as an offshoot of Basketcase: Gifts in Good Taste in an inconspicuous hallway housing a hodgepodge collection of art,  it has evolved into an exhibit venue , a rendezvous for emerging artists where camaraderie becomes lifetime friendships. Now it is  the  the link between Filipino art and everyday products. Walls Gallery has been making milestones in the awareness of Filipino visual talents and has effectively democratized the Filipino art in its tastefully thought out fashion and lifestyle products sought after by collectors and non collectors alike. Walls Gallery did not just hang the painting on the wall,  it has given Filipino Art a home in the lives of the everyday Filipino.

Today, in partnership with different organizations, we showcase artists and artisans becoming a lasting legacy to the art world.

Our Story

Behind the efforts of creating the Walls Gallery is the  partnership  of Gigi and Ian Lim. Without any grandiose plans,  these mother and son kindred spirits opened their arms , their hearts and their walls to the many artists in need of support. Beyond hanging pieces on blank spaces,  they put forth the concept of making art accessible to those who are unable to purchase originals for their homes and offices. This was achieved through the reproduction of fashion and lifestyle accessories.  Stores were opened at the Vertis North Mall and the fashion hall of Megamall.  Walls Gallery also moved into a larger space at Triumph Square along Quezon Avenue and signed short term contracts for art exhibitions at the Makati Shangrila and SM Podium.  Things were looking up for this young upstart in the art community when Covid – 19 struck.  Due to the pandemic,  the landscape drastically changed.  Walls closed its doors in the Vertis North Mall , Makati Shangrila closed its operations as well. However, all adversity presents opportunity. Walls has used this time to reflect and rework its online platforms while expanding our product line. You may find us  and our products at Triumph Square, SM Megamall  Fashion Hall, the Filipiniana section of Robinson’s Galleria,  Ermita,  Go Lokal outlets and our website.  Our products also stand proudly at the Ayala museum gift shop and some Tesoro’s outlets.  We also assist other museums to promote Filipino art in their gift items.

Walls Gallery proudly carries on its mission to support Filipino artists and celebrate Filipino art and culture across people from all walks of life.

The minds and hearts behind Walls Gallery firmly believe that challenges are meant to make you, not break you.  While we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go and are bravely marching ahead.