We Salute Filipino Artist.

Walls Gallery is an art gallery that hopes to raise public awareness of Philippine Art and Artists and provide a venue for students to exhibit their work.

From the beginning, the purpose has been to help and support the Filipino artists. In the process, the art accumulated and needed a home. That home became Walls Gallery. Initially intended to house the expanding personal collection, Walls Gallery eventually became an offshoot of Basketcase, whose image is a gift in good taste. Art is a gift in good taste. The purpose was never to sell artwork, but only to reproduce from the collection on to corporate gifts with the intention of heightening the awareness of Philippine Art and Artists. Today, in partnership with different organizations, we showcase artists and their work for the benefit of charitable causes and provide a venue for students to exhibit their works.


If enthusiasm and passion were what it took to appreciate art, the GIGI LIM and son IAN would never face a blank wall.

The mother and son team collects Philippine Asian art not for investment but for sheer love and passion. This is in tribute to the rich talent that allows its creators immortality through their art, giving us a different view of their world.

The advocacy of sharing through reproduction of fashion and home accessories came about because of an accidental realization. Many appreciate Filipino art but sadly could not afford to take home and hang the artworks on their walls. Art collection had become an activity only few could indulge in. Thus motivated, GIGI, a graduate of Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in Economics, and IAN, a product of the Industrial Design Program of the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, got their collective minds together to democratize art and make it available to all people of different walks of life.

They achieved this by securing the rights from the artist to reproduce their works on fashion and home accessories.

This is done so the present and the future generation will be able to appreciate Filipino Art and culture regardless of background.

Walls Gallery is blessed with the participation of artists, both established and new, hobbyists and students who are as enthusiastic and passionate about their creations. This is the legacy that GIGI and IAN want to leave behind: that every employee, student, and collector can share the love of Art.

These pages pays tribute to the artists who have unselfishly and graciously given permission in support of Walls Gallery’s advocacy: to share their works and showcase to the world the rich culture and talent we have as Filipino.