HIDE ART is another milestone of the Walls Gallery’s journey from when it was opened in Triumph Building in August of 2013. Today we present a unique collection of artworks painted on leather by the member artists of the Walls Community Artists headed by Marigene Garcia. HIDE ART is a product of the collaboration with the  APLF, HK for their project LEATHER REBORN with the support of JBS Couros, Brazil.
LEATHER REBORN is an experimental project of the APLF to promote the the beauty and versatility of leather. The first Leather Reborn was launched at the ALL China Leather Exhibition 2018 in Shanghai. Then they included the Philippines with the participation of Walls Gallery and its resident artists during the Manila Fame of October 2018.
Walls Gallery has chosen the Shangrila Manila as its venue to launch this truly unique exhibit featuring art on leather:  HIDE ART.
Walls Gallery will also be holding a series of exhibits in the same venue featuring two-man shows every month until December 2019 and will resume from July to December 2020.

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